Design Tips

What You Need To Know About Label Design.

Let’s get started on your label design. If you are using an existing label this process will be very easy.

What are the most compatible file Formats?

We accept JPEG, JPG, PNG, TIF, TIFF, EPS file types.

You can load a file up to 64MB. If your file is larger than 64MB call customer service for assistance.

What Are the Art Requirements?

We require artworks to be CMYK color space and have a minimum resolution of 300dpi. A 0.125 bleed from each side of artwork is required for the best image. 

How do I download artwork?

Follow the instructions in the tab that says download artwork here. 

Does Folks help with set-up?

If you need assistance with your label, we offer help in typeset, creating art, designing, fixing, and altering labels. We often make Banners, Wedding Invites, Brochures, and Birthday Cards.

Will I get a proof?

Yes, we will provide a free PDF proof. You will receive this shortly after we receive the file. We will if we notice anything that needs to be fixed, we will let you know. When it's ready to print you will get an email asking for your sign-off. If you would like a sample, we can provide a few samples for $25.

What if I have an idea but not a finished label?

You can find many companies online that will help with your design. We can help you with a few minor changes. We do have a design staff available. Please call to find out pricing on your label. Each label is unique and the cost will be tailored to the amount of time needed to get to print stage. 

What happens if I am not happy with the do-it-myself-build-a-label?

We will email you a sample file during each step that you make a change to your label. Hopefully this will guide you easily to your perfect finished label.

Need Help On Deciding What to Order?

Contact a Sales Representative

If you still need assistance with any part of the process. Call customer service at 800-554-2072. We will walk you through the steps to help get you to the finish line.