A Brief History of Folks Printing


Before the turn of the century the hill, where rotary towers is now located, was known as Gospel Hill. This is where the name the Folks On Gospel Hill originated. The hill had been used for tent meetings and a stop off for travelers going through our area. It also had Jacobs Well which was a good source of water.

Jay H. Maish Sr.
Jay H. Maish Sr. around mid 1930’s.

In 1919, Jay H. Maish Sr. Came to Marion with his typewriter in hand to start an advertising and printing company. It started out in a small way as most companies did at that time.

In 1921, the company was incorporated as the Jay H. Maish Advertising Company. During this time, until the 1960’s, the company prospered with customers like Marion Power Shovel, Huber, Na-Churs Plant Food and many other Marion area companies. In the printing portion, they produced multi-color letterheads and booklets & financial statements of all kinds and commercial printing for customers all over the world.

Heidelberg Press

In 1962, we moved to our present location and became known as the Folks From Gospel Hill. In the early 1980’s we changed the name to the Folks Creative Printers Inc. which we presently use.

In 1962, Jack F. Carr was president of Folks Printing. He held this position until December 31, 1969. On January 1, 1970 Marion L. Apple was appointed President until October, 1984. In October 1984, James L. Saiter was appointed president. He held this position until June 2011. In July 2011, Christine A. Dickson was appointed President and is President at this time.

Over the years we have received several awards for our printing quality and for being an excellent supplier of labels to several large commercial product suppliers.

Current Officers and Board Members

  • CEO and Chairperson: Trudi E. Maish
  • President and Treasurer: Christine A. Dickson
  • Secretary: Linda M. Maish